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6 Minutes in the Gun Control Debate -SOUNDSCAPE

After the March For Our Lives event in New York City a group of protesters engaged in a heated debate with 2nd Amendment advocates. About 30 people, arranged in groups of 4-6 were talking over each other and attempting to outdo each other with stats, figures and hypothetical scenarios. I stuck my stereo mic in the middle of the various debates and I present to you 6 minutes of Gun Control debate. Presented with minimal editing. Best enjoyed with headphones.


This is the true story of why I hate skiing. While back country skiing in the Rockies a group of students decide to take the long way and end up skiing all night in sub zero temperatures.

Origin Stories- The Origin of Hiccups - Radio Story

Origin Stories is a production of The Leakey Foundation. A nonprofit organization with a mission to increase scientific knowledge, education, and public understanding of human origins, evolution, behavior, and survival. Since 1968, The Leakey Foundation has been awarding grants to scientists investigating the big questions about what makes us human.

We're sponsored with a grant from Wells Fargo Bank. Adept Word Management provides transcripts.

This episode was produced by Ben Nimkin and edited by Audrey Quinn. Music for this episode was provided by David Osit.

88 Pianos - Radio Story

88 Pianos were assembled in Lincoln Center by non-profit Sing for Hope.
Produced entirely by me.


Most Sound Mixers don't make a reel of their work - but I'm not like most sound mixers. Every bit of this video was produced by me.